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Russia, North Korea Agree On Russian Power Supplies To The Korean People's Democratic Republic

According to the press centre of the Vostokenergo Far Eastern energy system, a principal agreement on Russian power supplies to the Korean People's Democratic Republic has been reached at the Russian-North Korean talks which were completed in Khabarovsk Tuesday. As the press centre reported, in order to implement this project a 110-kilovolt power transmission line is to be built to link the south of the Maritime territory and North Korea. Apart from this, the existing power systems are to be modernised. With this aim in view, the Vostokenergo managers proposed this November that a bilateral meeting should be held in Vladivostok (the administrative centre of the Maritime territory) to set up working groups and determine the timeframe for drafting the feasibility study of the joint project. Vostokenergo believes that the project aimed at organising Russian power supplies to North Korea in the near future is quite realistic. Should such energy "bridge" be created, the company might think about mutual power flows and big power supplies to South Korea and China. However, to achieve this, construction of the Bureiskaya hydropower station should be completed in the Amur region (the southern Far East). Apart from this, a network of new fuel-free power plants is to be set up, the existing power plants are to be modernised, and new big power transmission lines are to be built.

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