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Moscow Invites Israel And Palestine To Resume Peace Dialogue

Moscow calls upon the leaderships of Israel and Palestine to demonstrate political foresight and not to allow the process of Palestinian-Israeli settlement to be a hostage of extremists and terrorists, says a communique of the Russian Foreign Ministry. In spite of the multifaceted normalisation efforts in the Palestinian lands, the tension of Palestinian-Israeli confrontation is not, regrettably, lessening, notes the Russian Foreign Ministry. Yesterday, the tragic list of victims to this confrontation is getting longer. A terrorist act has been committed in the North of Israel. Simultaneously, an Israeli soldier died in a shootout on the West Bank and an automobile with two Palestinians was fired at near a checkpoint. "It is clear that the outburst of tension plays into the hands of those who stake on unwinding the spiral of violence and pursue selfish goals, which are far from the vital interests of Israelis and Palestinians alike". In these conditions, Moscow believes that it is high time to switch over to implementing the Tenet-Mitchell plan, which will pave the road to the attainment of detente and resumption of negotiations. "Russia in cooperation with the American co-sponsor and other international mediators will go on achieving this goal", stresses the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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