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Victor Yushenko Museum opens

Tourists in the Ukraine are now provided with new kind of service. Following the practice of the U.S., where anybody can have an excursion in the White House, the Ukranians take the holiday-makers to Victor Yushenko’s mansion in the village Khoruzhivka, Turprom reports referring to the Ukraniane Mass-Media.

The Nedrigailovsk suburb administration intends to earn 30,000 hryvnias (100 hryvnias is approximately U.S.$ 20) on the excursions to President’s motherland.

The tour costs 200 hryvnias a day. It includes a 4-hour car-drive from Kiev to Kulishevka village and the visit of the only existing in the world monument to mammoth. To be exact, the visit is to the petroglyphic depiction of mammoth.

Local citizens also decided not to lose the opportunity to earn money. They offer the tourists to rent rooms and haylofts. The fish-farm has also set tariffs on its services: a glass of worms is 5 hryvnias, a kilo of fish caught – 15. Tourists are permitted to have a drive on a tractor for 15 hryvnias. One can hire a harmonist for 100 hryvnias a day and to milk a cow – for 5 hryvnias.

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