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Russian Humanitarian Aid Delivered To Mongolia

On Wednesday a cargo aircraft of the Ministry of Emergency Situations delivered to Ulan-Bator 1.5 million doses of foot-and-mouth vaccine for the vaccination of livestock and over 12 tons of milk powder for Mongolian stock-breeders as humanitarian aid. It was the last stage of the international humanitarian operation of aid to Mongolian regions that have suffered most from cattle starvation caused by a cold snowy winter and dry summer. The operation is being carried out as part of a joint effort by the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. A total of over 2,000 tons of mixed feed and fodder, 500,000 doses of foot-and-mouth, food, and blankets were delivered to Mongolia last spring on the first stage of the operation. The second stage (in October) included delivery of 1,200 tons of hay by the Emergencies Ministry. Simultaneously an Emergencies Ministry delegation arrived in Mongolia on a short working visit. It is due to hold talks with the Mongolians about implementing the Russian-Mongolian agreement on cooperation in prevention of industrial accidents, early warning of natural disasters and clearing-up operations.

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