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Trial on member of prohibited religious extremist party

The prosecutor's office of the Sogdiysk region /northern Tajikistan/ has brought accusations on six articles of the Tajik Criminal Code against an active member of the prohibited religious extremist party Khizb-ut-Takhrir /Freedom party/, a citizen of Uzbekistan, Saidkamaliddin Nasyrov.

Since 1999 Nasyrov has been wanted by the Uzbek police, the republican prosecutor's office reported on Friday.

Having moved to Tajikistan and illegally received documents of a Tajik citizen with the help of his party fellow-members, Nasyrov continued to carry out tasks of the Khizb-ut-Takhrir on the territory of the Sogdiysk region.

He was detained in Khujanda /an administrative centre of the region/ at the end of January 2003.

According to the investigation information, Nasyrov has been translating religious extremists texts from Arabic to Tajik.

In the last 5 months a total of 12 active members of Khizb-ut-Takhrir have been detained in the Sogdiysk region and another 5 in Dushanbe, according to the Tajik prosecutor's office.

Last year heads of the Tajik special services announced that they had conclusive evidence of the connection between Khizb-ut-Takhrir and Al-Qaeda.

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