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Problem of Kosovo's status cannot be settled in current situation

The problem of Kosovo's status cannot be settled in the current situation, believes former Yugoslavian ambassador to Russia Borislav Milosevic.

"The final status of Kosovo cannot be determined without Serbia's legitimate participation," he told RIA Novosti on Wednesday. "Western powers, first of all the USA, are creating in Kosovo and Metohija another, besides Albania, Albanian Muslim state in the Balkans, using expansion of Albanian nationalism," Milosevic said.

Western experts believe that Serbia will have to grant Kosovo "independence to speed up the process of joining the European Union," he pointed out. Yet this means abolishment of UN Security Council's resolution 1244 "which provides for Kosovo's broad autonomy, but not independence," the diplomat emphasized.

"To break the deadlock we have to adopt a new resolution, which many observers, including myself, believe utterly unreal in the current situation," Milosevic concluded.

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