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Norway will definitely support Russia's bid for WTO membership

Norway will definitely support Russia's bid for WTO membership. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Norwegian Parliament Inge Loenning at the IX session of the Baltic Club, which was held at Rosbalt news agency yesterday. He said 'an organisation such as the WTO should unite all nations and aim to reduce customs barriers.' Norway is chairing the working group for Russia's bid to enter the WTO.

Furthermore, Mr Loenning said that talks between Russia and the Northern Council would intensify in the near future as the Baltic states are about to join the EU. In this way the main area of Northern Council activity will move away from the Baltic states towards Russia. Special attention will be paid to the North-West Federal District, Mr Loenning said.

The majority of experts in the field of armaments admit that made-in-Russia weapons can be referred to as best weapons in the world. To substantiate this point, suffice it to recall that many countries make their own ripoffs of world-famous Russian weapons.

Three types of weapons that were stolen from Russia