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U.S. citizens not to fly on Indonesian airlines

The citizens of the U.S. are warned Tuesday against flying on Indonesian airlines for a string of accidents. Americans said that Indonesian civil aviation authority didn’t meet even minimum international safety standards.

An Indonesian jetliner plunged into the sea from 10,000 meters (33,000 feet) on New Year's Day, killing all 102 people on board. Weeks later, another plane's fuselage split in half after a hard landing. And last month, a Boeing 737 careened off a runway and burst into flames, leaving 21 dead.

The Indonesian government has since carried out a review of its 20 carriers, concluding that none met all safety requirements.

"Whenever possible, Americans traveling to and from Indonesia should fly directly to their destinations on international carriers," the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta said in a statement on its Web site.

It noted that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration lowered its aviation safety rating for Indonesia from Category 1 to 2 - the lowest - on Monday "due to serious concerns" about safety oversight and operational control systems.

Dozens of airlines emerged after Indonesia deregulated its aviation industry in the 1990s, raising concerns that growth has outpaced the supply of trained aviation professionals, regulatory oversight and ground infrastructure.

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