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Six people die in fire broken two-storeyed building in Slovakia's Kysucke Nove Mesto

At least six people died in a fire broken two-storeyed building in western Slovakia on Friday according to officials.

The blaze caused a collapse of the building - a town-owned project for people who have a record of avoiding paying rent, said Jana Svrckova, deputy mayor of the town of Kysucke Nove Mesto.

Svrckova said 64 people were evacuated, and it was not clear if anyone else was still buried in the rubble. Officially, the building had about 80 residents, about two-thirds of whom were Gypsies, also known as Roma, the deputy mayor said.

Rescue workers were searching the site, and authorities were investigating the cause of the fire, Svrckova said.

The TASR news agency said nine people were injured in the fire.