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Serbian village erects 10-foot statue of film boxer Rocky Balboa

A statue of Sylvester Stallone's famous film character, boxer Rocky Balboa could be the key to reviving a town near the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

A Serbian village, worn out by floods and misfortune, has erected statue of Rocky Balboa in the hopes of a turn in luck.

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Zitiste, about 60km north of Belgrade, has unveiled a huge monument to actor Sylvester Stallone’s film character in the village square to attract tourists and show a new face to the world.

The monument is three metres high and made of concrete by a Croatian artist.

The Rocky statue was unveiled as part of a music and entertainment festival in the village which has repeatedly suffered flooding and landslides in recent years, gaining a disaster-prone reputation, The West Australian reports.

Officials say Rocky was a fighter who won back his self-respect, and fought his way out of obscurity.

They're hopeful the statue will inspire citizens to do the same, after suffering years of a decline in the population and job shortages.

Citizens are happy with the statue saying "they don't feel meaningless anymore," reports Tampa Bay 's 10.

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