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USA has cut the cost of student visas for citizens of Russia

The United States has cut the cost of student visas for citizens of Russia, US Consul General in Russia Jim Warlick said on Monday at the news conference in Moscow.

According to the diplomat, at the same time visas became cheaper for Russian citizens going to the United States under exchange programmes and with the aim of receiving education.

Beginning with June 1, for a three-year visa students and participants in exchange programmes will pay only 65 US dollars for the reception of their applications, while visas themselves will be free, said Jim Warlick. Earlier, the cost of these visas amounted to 495 US dollars, underscored the diplomat.

The decision to lower the cost of these visas was adopted at the George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin summit in Moscow, said the consul. He reminded the audience that in their joint statement the Presidents of the United States and Russia pointed out the importance of contacts between the citizens of the two countries and the necessity of developing programmes that would contribute to expanding the ties between Russia and the United States.

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