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NATO fails to find application for its forces for 67 years

NATO has become one of the main aggressors in global politics for the latest years, Vladimir Yevseyev, Director of the Center for Public Policy Research believes. As he told Pravda.Ru, it happened because after the Soviet Union had collapsed, the NATO block did not manage to find its application of force and got to intrusion to other countries' affairs.

"It all started with Yugoslavia in 1999, then the NATO took part in operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. So, there was found no reason for existence of this organization, and they followed a common scheme, making an enemy out of Russia," the expert said. He specified that only under such conditions NATO remains to be necessary as a system or block. "In case they started really combating terrorism, they would probably not manage to succeed, in Europe particularly. But the NATO moved by inertia, believing that Russia is weak and they should gather as many states as possibles in the block," Vladimir Yevseyev added.

Namely this inertial approach against the US strive for global dominance led to current situation. "Claims that the NATO will be fighting against terrorism were unfounded and the NATO did not cope with this task. The NATO block is actually the US' tool, and until the US changes its strategy, the NATO will not be able to change," the expert pointed out.

The NATO is being actively expanded, but also multiplies the number of its inner conflicts along with it. Vladimir Yevseyev believes that the Alliance still manages to expand its territory of influence and involve other states. "It is considered that it's an involvement of new resources, but very often these resources on the contrary have to be spent. Nonetheless, these are the imperial ambitions of America, that wants to control the whole world," the expert explained Pravda.Ru. Vladimir Yevseyev concluded that control over Europe meets the national US interests.

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