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Paparazzi may not be at fault in Lohan crash

Authorities investigating a car crash involving actress Lindsay Lohan said Wednesday that contrary to reports from some witnesses, paparazzi had nothing to do with the collision.

Lohan, 19, and a female passenger sustained minor injuries Tuesday after the actress's black Mercedes-Benz convertible collided with a van on a busy West Hollywood street.

The crash occurred because the driver of the van made a U-turn in front of Lohan, said Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The van's driver may be cited, he added.

"She happens to be an innocent victim in all of this," Whitmore said. "The paparazzi, as far as we can tell, have nothing to do in terms of the accident," reports the AP.

According to witnesses "It was a very violent crash," said Katherine Starr, 50, of New Orleans. "It was such a loud impact. It was explosive."

The air bags on Lohan's Mercedes deployed, and the actress and her friend opened their doors and ran into a nearby antiques store.

The van's driver stumbled onto the street and was helped by employees of the restaurant, witnesses said.

The stretch of Robertson where the crash occurred is a haunt for stars, who are drawn to its boutiques and eateries. The area also draws celebrity photographers looking to snap candid photos, informs LA times.


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