Source Pravda.Ru

World Bank forecasts an annual economic growth in Russia

The experts from the World Bank forecast an annual economic growth in Russia at the level of four percent in the course of several years.

As the RIA Novosti correspondent reports, the World Bank's chief economist on the Russian economy Christof Ruhl said, speaking on Tuesday at the investment seminar in London, that Russia would face a number of factors containing the economic growth. He believes that we should wait not for wonders but for the normalisation of the growth rates.

The main obstacle for the economic growth in Russia, according to Christof Ruhl, is the lack of investments. With the existing growth rates, the economic growth in Russia will not top five percent a year in his opinion.

The increase in the amount of investments should be over ten percent to make it possible for the economic production to grow by more than five percent, said Christof Ruhl. The return of Russian capitals from abroad, he underscored, should play a key role in increasing the investment attractiveness of Russia. According to the WB economist, the inflow of capital into Russia in the first quarter of this year topped for the first time its outflow abroad.