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Jade Helm troops to occupy Big Spring

15.05.2015 | Source:


Jade Helm troops to occupy Big Spring. Jade Helm
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Jade Helm troops may occupy Big Spring households under the military exercise.

The operation is to be conducted from July, 15 to September, 15 during which the troops will operate undercover amongst local population.

Some landowners were proposed contracts to possess their property during the training.

Big Spring Mayor Larry McLellan had no details about the contracts offered to Big Spring homeowners. Military officials were not available to answer questions about how many ranchers were being displaced or inconvenienced due to Jade Helm, and how much they would receive in compensation.

One lifelong Big Spring resident claimed he would not accept any amount of money to surrender his home to troops. "I support our troops, but when they're trying to take over our civilians, that ain't cool," he said. "Their homes, that's where they live."

McLellan confirmed Jade Helm personnel would be purchasing groceries and other supplies locally. Operations planners and city officials calculated "wherever their training could see as much as $150,000 increase in sales" during the two-month exercise.

"It's not just groceries," said McLellan. "If they get sick and need to see a doctor... if they're short on supplies or equipment, they'll add to the local economy."

Following an Army presentation in March during a Big Spring City Council meeting, city officials granted Army Special Operations Command a permission to train within city boundaries.

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