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George Bush and Askar Akayev underscore the importance of US aid to Kirghizia

24.09.2002 | Source:



The United States and Kirghizia "intend to strengthen their cooperation to ensure security and stability in Central Asia," says the joint statement signed in Washington by US President George Bush and President Askar Akayev of Kirghizia on the results of the negotiations which took place in the White House on Monday.

The United States is expanding its programmes to aid Kirghizia with the aim of strengthening the security of its borders and increasing the defence potential of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kirghizia, emphasises the statement signed by George Bush and Askar Akayev. It also says that the basis for the regional security and prosperity in Central Asia is the expansion of trade and economic contacts between the countries of the region, including their possibilities in such spheres as water resources and transport systems.

Pointing to the intention of the United States to help Kirghizia in every way in conducting democratic and market reforms, the sides have agreed that a high-ranking delegation of the Kirghiz government will arrive in Washington in October for further negotiations about such cooperation.


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