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Chinese fighter jet J-10B performs highly complicated aerobatic maneuvers

Chinese fighter jet J-10B performed aerobatic maneuvers during demonstration flights at AirShow China 2018. The pilot of the aircraft performed such stunts as "Pugachev's cobra" and "Maple leaf."

A person known under the moniker East Pendulum posted the video of the stunt-flying on the net and pointed out China's success in the development of thrust-vectoring turbojet engines.

J-10B fighters that take part in AirShow China 2018 are equipped with Chinese WS-10 power units. AirShow China 2018 runs from November 6 to 11 in Zhuhai, China.

China's fourth-generation all-weather multi-purpose fighter aircraft, the J-10, is considered to be a ripoff of Russia's MiG-35. The jet performed its first flight in June 2002. Initially, the J-10 were equipped with Russian engines, but China subsequently switched to power units of Chinese production for the aircraft. In September, China announced the development of the WS-15 power unit for fifth-generation fighter J-20, which used to be equipped with Russian engines.

Chinese fighter jet performs 'Cobra'

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