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USS Carl Vinson gets lost at sea on the way to North Korea

18.04.2017 | Source:


USS Carl Vinson gets lost at sea on the way to North Korea. 60309.jpeg
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More than a week has passed since the moment when the assault group of the US Navy, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, headed to the shores of the Korean Peninsula. However, the group has not arrived yet.

US warships are currently traveling in the strait between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. They did not go directly from Singapore to the Korean Peninsula, but made a stop in the Indian Ocean to take part in exercises with the Australian Navy.

The assault group includes missile destroyers, as well as a missile cruiser.

In early April, US President Donald Trump ordered the assault group of USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier to go to North Korea and stop near the Korean Peninsula in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The military were instructed to be prepared for an attack.

Earlier, it was reported that the USA would send three aircraft carriers to South Korea. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson will enter the Sea of Japan on April 25. Aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) and Nimitz (CVN 68) will also stay in the Sea of Japan.

It was also said that Pyongyang was going to conduct a regular missile test on April 25 to mark the 85th anniversary of the Korean People's Army.


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