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French MP: Sanctions should be imposed on Ukraine

03.06.2016 | Source:


French MP: Sanctions should be imposed on Ukraine. Europe
Source: Pravda.Ru photo archive

Thierry Mariani, Member of the French National Assembly claimed that it's necessary to lift anti-Russian sanctions and impose them on Ukraine.

Mariani explained in an interview to Izvestiya newspaper that "first of all, anti-Russian sanctions should be lifted, the second, sanctions should be imposed on Ukraine. As Kiev currently demonstrates its disregard, not implementing the Minsk agreements. And the main responsibility lies on the Ukrainian party".

Mariani also noted that resolution against anti-Russian sanctions, which will be considered in the Republic's Senate on 8 June, is very likely to be adopted. According to him, it will provide the French government with a definite signal even in case it continues official policy.

As he said, "step by step regional and national parliaments wonder why the anti-Russian sanctions should be maintained to their own detriment. And what is happening in different parts of Europe evidences disagreement with official policy of the EU".

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