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Kostunica Votes For Dialogue To Settle Disputes

Appearing at a Thursday press-conference summing up the results of the year, Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica referred to Montenegro people as ones to decide on their relations with Serbia. He offered regrets over the divided public opinion in that republic. In a dispute whether there will be a uniform state with Serbia or two states, the former is supported by Serbia, half of Montenegro and the whole world community, said Kostunica. The Yugoslav president has applied to Ibrahim Rugova, chairman of the Democratic Union of Kosovo, to meet and discuss the future of the region as well as relations between the Serbs and Albanians. Kostunica is certain that dialogue is the best way of settling disputes. "The UN civil mission and the international peace-keeping force are not to stay in Kosovo for ever and therefore we ought to look for solutions no matter how painstaking the process may be," said Kostunica. He appealed to Ibrahim Rugova as "the veritable leader" of Kosovo Albanians. The Democratic Union of Kosovo gained the majority of deputy seats at parliamentary elections on November 17 while Rugova has been nominated as presidential candidate in the area.

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