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Terrorist act prevented in Dagestan

A terrorist act was prevented in the Khasav-Yurt district of Dagestan.

As the RIA Novosti correspondent was told in the Interior Ministry of the republic, the staffers of the Federal Security Service and of the Ministry of the Interior discovered a cache with explosives on the territory of the local cemetery at Khasav-Yurt settlement.

They found it on Sunday in the course of a joint operation to check the operational information obtained from an earlier-detained militant. There were 4.5 kilogrammes of plastic explosive, four electric detonators and a grenade-launcher in the cache.

As the officials of the Interior Ministry of Dagestan noted, to all appearances, "militants planned to perpetrate a terrorist act on a motor road of the Khasav-Yurt district".

The law-enforcement bodies are now taking operational search actions, the Interior Ministry officials noted.

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