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Shevardnadze's Policy May Lead To Disappearance Of Georgia As State

01.11.2001 | Source:



Vyacheslav Nikonov, president of the Politika (Policy) Foundation, fears that as a result of doings of President Eduard Shevardnadze "Georgia may disappear as a state". Commenting on developments in Tbilisi, Nikonov voiced this perspective at a RIA Novosti press conference. "If Shevardnadze goes on behaving as the leader of a superpower in the period of confrontation, Georgia may disappear as a state", he warned. On reports arriving from Tbilisi, a thousands-strong meeting is still gathered outside the parliament. The meeting began three days ago owing to the secret services' attempt to make a search in the office of the independent television company Rustavi-2. The meeting met with an ovation the news of government resignation, broken by Eduard Shevardnadze on Thursday. The most radically-minded demonstrators says Shevardnadze must go.


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