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Armenia's Deputy Defence Minister Declares That Russia Plays A Tangible Role In Ensuring His Country's Security

Russia plays a tangible role in ensuring Armenia's security. A statement to this effect was made Thursday by Major-General Artur Agabekyan, Armenia's deputy defence minister, at a seminar on "Civilian and Military Aspects in Planning Armenia's National Security" held in Yerevan. Artur Agabekyan has pointed out that the existing Armenian-Russian accords are aimed at enhancing Armenia's security. At the same time, he stressed that "these accords are not directed against third countries but entirely proceed from Armenia's interests and are based on good-neighbourly relations with the countries of the region." The Armenian general also expressed the opinion that maximum security for Armenia and the entire Southern Caucasus could be ensured only with the participation of all countries of the region, as well as the "countries which have their interests here." The seminar on "Civilian and Military Aspects in Planning Armenia's National Security" was organised by the George Marshall European Security Center and the Armenian defence ministry.

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