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Moldova sets up investigative group to investigate firing of president's house

Moldova has set up an impressive investigative group in order to investigate the firing at president Vladimir Voronin's house.

Last night unknown individuals fired at the nine-storey apartment house where the Moldovan president lives. Several bullets were fired at the wall of the house.

The investigative group will include representatives of the General Prosecutor's office, the interior ministry and the information and security department of Moldova, as a RIA Novosti correspondent learned from the sources in the country's special services.

Experts barred the sector of the Sergei Lazo street that windows of Voronin's apartment face and got up to the apartment level by the fire-escape stair in order to conduct investigative activities.

On the lawn near the house they found three cases of a Makarov pistol.

Voronin and his wife Taisia have lived in the three-room apartment in central Chisinau for 15 years. When Voronin was elected president, he was offered to move to a presidential residence. Yet he refused, saying "he and his wife have enough living space".

Now specialists have a number of questions to those responsible for the president's safety. The major one is why there were no guards on the external side of the house, where the firing occurred.

Among the reasons for the attempted attack the security service sources name two, Voronin's fight with corruption and policy.

The president is working according to his usual schedule and refuses to comment on the incident.

Moldova's Prosecutor General's Office has launched criminal proceedings on the matter, but has not made any official statement on that account yet.