Source Pravda.Ru

Russia, Belarus: Borderguards Join Hands

Konstantin Totsky, Director of Russia's Federal Frontier Service, and Alexander Pavlovsky, chief of the Belarussian State Committee for Frontier Troops, signed a joint directive for next year's borderguard arrangements in the Russo-Belarussian union. The document crowned a board session of the union Frontier Committee in Minsk, Belarussian capital. Messrs. Totsky and Pavlovsky were co-chairing. Now, Russian borderguards will be responsible to Belarussian comrades-in-arms for Russian frontier safety in the North Caucasus, Far East and elsewhere. Belarussians will be reciprocally responsible to Russia for their own frontier, pointed out Lieutenant-General Alexander Manilov, in charge of Russia's Federal Frontier Service department for international treaties. The conferees approved progress on a draft treaty for outer frontiers of the Russo-Belarussian union and their protection, and a draft law on the union state frontier. The documents will be offered for consideration to the union Standing Committee after they are coordinated within each country.