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A high-ranking official goes missing in Moldavia

05.08.2002 | Source:



On Monday the law-enforcement bodies of Moldavia announced Pyotr Dimitrov, deputy director of the information technologies department as missing. The department is directly subordinated to the government and develops automated control systems, in particular, those dealing with smuggling and illegal migration control.

The latest development of the information technologies department makes it possible to control the flow of export and import cargoes.

RIA Novosti was told in the department that Dimitrov had been responsible for the organization of production and the issuing of documents in the department.

Before his appointment to the post, Dimitrov, a colonel of internal service, had been heading for 6 years Moldavia's state guards service, which is part of the Interior Ministry's system. The officers serving there guard major state bodies -- ministries, banks, water reservoirs, as well as commercial structures.


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