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Uzbekistan: Parliamentary Appeal To Nation

Deputies of the parliament of Uzbekistan has adopted an appeal to the nation. They call on the people of Uzbekistan for "unity in the struggle against international terrorism and extremism". Appearing at a session of Uzbek parliament, President Islam Karimov said that "international terrorism cannot be uprooted without the pooling of efforts of the international community". The Uzbek leader termed as "links in a chain" the acts of terrorism committed in different parts of the globe. The appeal particularly reads that "the current developments in Afghanistan are a glaring demonstration that the fight against terrorism is not a one-day or one-month job. This plague of the 21st century can only be defeated by a joint effort. The success of the antiterrorist coalition are an evidence of that".

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Near the United Nations Glass Palace in New York, there is a metallic sculpture entitled "Evil Defeated by Good", representing Saint George transfixing a dragon with his lance. It was donated by the USSR in 1990 to celebrate the INF Treaty concluded with the USA in 1987

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