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Meeting on security to be held in Abkhazia

07.05.2002 | Source:



A meeting dedicated to security in Abkhazia with representatives of Georgia, Abkhazia, CIS peacemakers, and UN observers participating is due to be held in Abkhazia on Wednesday, officials at the Abkhazian mission to Moscow said. Abkhazian Deputy Defence Minister Givi Agrba told a RIA Novosti correspondent by phone that he could refuse to take part in the meeting if Georgia did not agree to his proposal to patrol the Kodori gorge permanently. Mr.Agrba, the Abkhazian co-chairman of the working commission for security, stressed that if Georgia disagreed, "his participation would not make any sense". Agrba added that he had forwarded a letter with his proposals to Tbilisi, but it remained without response. He recalled that Georgia had previously categorically refused to consider them, but at the recent meetings asked for time "to look into the matter". Agrba suggests that Russian peacekeepers come back to the 102th observation post in the Chkhalta village and that another post be established in the upper part of the Kodori gorge after snow melts off.


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