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President Of Kabardino-balkaria Valery Kokov Censures Double Standards In Georgian Leadership's Policy

Valery Kokov, President of Kabardino-Balkaria (a North Caucasian Republic of Russia), vice-chairman of the Federation Council, censures double standards in the Georgian leadership's policy. "You cannot, on the one hand, censure international terrorism, and, on the other, manipulate and use the terrorists to promote dubious aims," he said in a RIA Novosti interview. Kokov stressed that he considers the current behavior of the Georgian leadership "to be at least inexplicable, but deep down to be pernicious for the Georgian people themselves." Instead of developing and strengthening historical ties for the good of the Georgian people and using all the possibilities that Russia possesses, the Georgian leadership "pursues a policy of self-isolation, at the same time claiming a special status for itself," said Kokov.

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