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American military specialists conduct a seminar in Tashkent to teach doctors what to do in emergency situations

12.08.2002 | Source:



A seminar for specialists of medical institutions of Uzbekistan, organised by the US Institute of Global Health, opened in Tashkent on Monday.

Uzbek doctors, nurses and staff members of the medical institutions will undergo a five-day special course, the aim of which is to teach them correct actions in emergency situations. The seminar is being held on the basis of the Central Military Hospital of the Uzbek Defence Ministry.

The Uzbek specialists will have a chance to familiarise themselves in practice with the notion of military-civil cooperation in emergency situations. The seminar, Leadership in Reaction to Emergency Situations, and the Traumatism Control System, its organisers believe, is one more step towards establishing international contacts in developing and strengthening regional services in emergency situations.


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