Source Pravda.Ru

Moscow lifts restrictions on civil flights over southern Russia

Russian authorities have lifted restrictions on civil flights over southern areas of the country. The measure was necessitated by military exercises.

According to Yuri Demidov, deputy head of the Transport Ministry's civil flights service PR, flights over southern Russia are again unlimited for both domestic and foreign airlines starting August 12, with the military exercises over.

Demidov reminded that civil flights over the North Caucasus had been limited owing to the military exercises conducted in the area August 1 through 12.

Georgia thought it was the only target of the restrictions and so it responded with similar limitations for Russian flights. Georgian Transport and Communications Minister Merab Adeishvili accused the Russian side of creating artificial problems. He said there were people in Russia seeking to economically destabilise Georgia.

"Nothing of the kind," Demidov retorted. "The temporary restrictions have now been removed from all aircraft, including Georgian, with the missile tests in the North Caucasus completed."