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Threat to Kyrgyzstan's territorial integrity not eliminated yet

The Russian and Kyrgyz defense ministers believe that the threat for Kyrgyzstan's territorial integrity and safety from international terrorism has not been completely eliminated, Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov said after meeting his Kyrgyz counterpart Esen Topev.

"The direct threat to Kyrgyzstan's territorial integrity and sovereignty has become less serious as the situation in Afghanistan has changed, but it cannot be excluded completely," Ivanov pointed out.

The Talibs in Afghanistan are still operating, some of Al-Qaida groups also remain active. That is why Russia and Kyrgyzstan together with their allies in the CIS, the Agreement on collective security (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia) and the Shanghai cooperation organization are taking active steps to stabilise the situation in the Central Asian region, Ivanov said.

With the tension in the Indian-Pakistani relations persisting, "a serious conflict potential remains in the whole Asian region," the Kyrgyz defense minister believes.

The Russian minister in his turn stressed that intensive work was under way "both with the region's countries and with the USA, China and Great Britain for taking political and diplomatic moves in order to diminish the conflict potential here.

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