Source Pravda.Ru

Former deputy defence minister of Tajikistan charged with drug smuggling

The former deputy defence minister of Tajikistan has been charged with drug smuggling. Nikolai Kim, who was deputy defence minister between 1998 and 2001, has been charged with complicity in illegal drug trafficking, embezzlement of state property of a particularly large size and of desertion, reports Tajikistan's military prosecutor.

The prosecutor's office noted that the preliminary investigation has proved that, using his official post, Nikolai Kim organized a helicopter flight to the mountains of Penjikent to sell 86 kg of raw opium and 460 g of heroin.

It is also noted that Nikolai Kim had misappropriated about 6,000 US dollars, after which he deserted and hid in the territory of Kazakhstan.

In March 2002 he was detained by the law-enforcement bodies of Kazakhstan at the request of the Tajik side.