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Vladimir Putin Thinks Cis Future Primarily Depends On Countries Formed On Ussr Fragments

Vladimir Putin believes that the future of the Commonwealth of Independent States depends most of all "on the countries which have been formed on the fragments of the former Soviet Union". The Russian president said this on the eve of his Warsaw visit in an interview to the Polish mass media. The text of the interview, which Putin gave to the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and the TVP television channel, has arrived to RIA Novosti from the press service of the Russian head of state. Putin believes that many of the CIS countries, which have traversed their own path of development, "for all their originality" will be found in the "sphere of influence of European culture". "This can be an appreciable positive factor for the development of the future Europe", the president opined. Certain questions of, for instance, institutional and root character, have been consistently resolved within the CIS for years, which "creates a good basis for the development of both the market economy and democracy". Simultaneously, Putin noted that in the field of development of market-economy relations some of these countries, such as Kazakhstan, in certain directions have gone even further than Russia. "A number of laws have been adopted in them which, overall, set an example also for Russia from the viewpoint of building market relations", said Putin. At the same time, he noted that the Russian law on parties "can set a model for many states, if they find it suitable".

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