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Belarus Welcomes Results Of Russian-American Summit

Belarus welcomes the results of the Russian-American summit, said spokesman for the Belarussian Foreign Ministry Pavel Latushko. According to him, the Russian-American agreements to reduce nuclear arsenals and cooperate in combating terrorism will be promotive for enhancing security of Belarus and every Belarussian citizen. Belarus, he continued, was actively supporting the cuts in nuclear arms. "We also back the concerted efforts of states which are struggling against terrorism, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said. According to him, the current use of force against terrorists is an element of necessary self-defence, however, the military component must be complemented with political, economic, and diplomatic measures to isolate and eradicate terrorism. Belarus' participation in the joint effort against terrorism has been defined by the UN Security Council's resolution, Latushko said. Belarus will provide information and organizational aid, maintain active cooperation with all states to bring to a dock the terrorist acts perpetrators, according to the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

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