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Blockaded By Chisinau, Transdnestria May Refuse To Build Common State With Moldova

16.01.2002 | Source:



The Supreme Council of Transdnestria (a self-proclaimed republic in the territory of Moldova) has proposed very soon to discuss the expediency of Transdnestria's participation in further development of relations with Moldova within a confederation. This demarche of Transdnestrian parliamentarians followed in the wake of the declaration which the president of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, made in Moscow. He spoke of the Moldovan leaders' intention to intensify the political and economic blockade of Transdnestria. Deputies of the Transdnestrian Supreme Council are going to ask the presidents and parliamentarians of the guarantor countries, Russia and Ukraine, to send their representatives and study the setup. They should also search for joint approaches to how to continue the negotiations and settle relations between Moldova and Transdnestria, deputies say.


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