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Belarus President Wants Adjustments To Be Made In National Security System

The Belarussian head of state believes that, in view of the recent developments in the world, certain corrections should be introduced in the national security system of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko said this at the October 18 sitting of the Belarussian Security Council. "Terrorism is a heinous evil, which the leadership of Belarus has always condemned and taken steps to prevent", said Lukashenko. Since terrorism has in recent time been expanding its scope of activity, which has killed thousands of people, work of the Belarussian Security Council should be complemented by practical measures, he said. Alexander Lukashenko recalled that way back in 1999 he inked a directive on additional measures to ensure public security and prevent manifestations of extremism and terrorism in the territory of Belarus. "We do not threaten anybody and want to live in peace and beneficially to cooperate with our foreign partners", said Lukashenko. Simultaneously, he stressed that Belarus as any other state has its own national interests, which it is entitled to protect against whatever encroachments.

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