Source Pravda.Ru

Large amount of drugs seized on Tajik-Afghan border

Russian border guards controlling the Tajik-Afghan border have seized 96 kg of heroin -- the largest amount of drugs seized here since the beginning of the year, reported the press service of Russia's Federal Frontier Service border group to Tajikistan.

On Wednesday evening, a border duty detail patrolling the territory of the Panj border section spotted five people, who were crossing the border river Panj from the Afghan side on two rubber bladders.

Reaching the bank and seeing the border guards, trespassers tried to escape to the adjacent territory, prompting the duty detail to open precision fire. As a result, two of the trespassers were killed. The rest escaped to the Afghan territory.

Scouring the site after the incident, border guards discovered four bags containing a total of 96 kg 260 g of heroin.

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