Source Pravda.Ru

Monument to former SS men to be unveiled in Estonia

A monument to former Estonian SS-men who fought on the side of Hitler Germany during the Second World War is to be unveiled in the Baltic resort town of Parnu next week.

The monument portrays a soldier of Estonia's 20th SS division standing on a granite pedestal. Hanging across his chest is an automatic rifle, its barrel pointing eastwards. An inscription on the monument, which was erected with money from veterans of the so-called Estonian Union of Freedom Fighters, reads: "To all Estonians who died for their country and European freedom in 1940-1945".

The 20th SS division was set up from Estonians on orders from Adolph Hitler and on the instructions of Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler. The division fought against Soviet troops in 1944 on Sinimae Hills outside Narva.