Source Pravda.Ru

Ukraine trying to solve its economic difficulty by protectionism

If the Ukrainian government does not make a decision to resume tax-free deliveries of Moldavian sugar to the Ukrainian market in the near future, the Moldavian Economy Ministry will propose its Cabinet of Ministers to take similar measures to limit certain Ukrainian goods exports.

This statement was made by Emilia Kainaryan, the Director of the Moldavian Economy Ministry's Department of Commerce. "With the help of the Moldavian Embassy to Ukraine the Economy Ministry is trying to speed up the Ukrainian government's decision to give Moldavia a certain quota for tax-free sugar-beet sugar," she said.

The decision was expected to be taken till July 1, 2002, as it was written in the protocol of the last session of the Intergovernmental Moldavia-Ukraine Trade and Economic Cooperation Committee. "However, it never happened," Emilia Kainaryan stated.

"The Moldavian Economy Ministry is ready to propose the country's government to introduce limitations for certain Ukrainian goods exports, such as for confectionery to the Moldavian market. The draft resolution has already been prepared," said the Economy Ministry representative.