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Georgia has worked out a secret document on improving relations with Russia which stays close to the public

The Georgian National Security Council has worked out a secret document on improving relations with Russia, confirmed the Georgian President's press spokesman, Kakha Imnadze.

The day before Nino Burdjanadze, Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, spoke about the existence of such a document at the closed session of the parliamentary bureau. However, no one has seen it so far, and its aim raises doubts. In the view of the rush in the Parliament a decision has been taken about revealing one article of the secret document, said the spokesman for the President. It gives instructions to the Georgian law-enforcement bodies to study the criminal activity of individual Members of Parliament, that is the activity thought "criminal" by the official Tbilisi. The evidence must be submitted to the Government and made public via mass media by the end of October. The contents of the rest of the articles can only be guessed. The document is sure to add fuel to the already blazing political fire.

Nino Burdjanadze asked the deputies to reserve their sharp statements on the document in question. She said she had sent a letter to the Georgian President and was currently awaiting his reaction.

On Tuesday, the Chairwoman of the Parliament is to hold consultations in camera with the heads of the factions to discuss the orders of the Georgian National Security Council stipulated for in the document.

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