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Abkhazia Runs to UN and Russia for Protection From Georgia's Aggression

27.08.2002 | Source:



The Foreign Ministry of the government in Sukhumi sent official letters to the UN and Russia, asking that 'all necessary measures be taken to stop the government of Georgia from military invasion in Abkhazia'. The letters continue to the effect that 'The actions of the government of Georgia give us reason to believe it is preparing a new aggression against Abkhazia' and that 'The situation in the Kodori ravine and the northern part of the adjacent region of Abkhazia has lately become more tense'.

The authorities of Abkhazia remind of the fact that over 1,000 Georgian troops remain in the Kodori ravine, which is a violation of the 1994 cease-fire agreement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia believes that this force may be joined with groups of international terrorists relocated from the Pankisi ravine and used to begin an invasion.


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