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Ukrainian officials believe Russia will attack Ukraine from Belarus

10.07.2017 | Source:



Ukrainian officials released another portion of epic anti-Russian statements. The head of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Viktor Muzhenko, found a threat in "Zapad-2017" military drills, which Russia is going to conduct with Belarus. The Ukrainian general stated that Russia was planning to attack Ukraine from three directions, although "main forces will be concentrated on the territory of Belarus."

According to Muzhenko, there is a purpose, for which Russia has been deploying troops to Belarus.  Ukrainian intelligence services calculated that Russia would use 4,000 railway carriages to deliver military hardware and personnel to Belarus. This amount exceeds the norm three times, the official said.

Interestingly, Ukrainian officials rely on social media in their reports. According to them, Belarusian citizens complained on the Internet that they were forced to leave their homes located in the vicinity of military airdromes. The locals are told to leave to let Russian military men move into their apartments, Muzhenko said.

"Such actions can allow the enemy to significantly reduce the time required for the establishment of strike groups in Western and South-Western strategic directions. This creates a direct threat for Ukraine's security," the general said.

Earlier, Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine, Alexander Turchynov, stated that the Russian military will hold the "West-2017" drills to simulate an attack on Lithuania and Poland.


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