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Ukraine to ban Victory Day

18.04.2017 | Source:


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This year, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the parliament) will not have time to pass a law that would ban Victory Day of May 9. In 2017, Ukraine will celebrate the 1945 victory over Nazism, albeit for the last time, most likely.

The Kiev authorities want to follow Europe's example to celebrate the day of memory and reconciliation on May 8, apparently to make another step on the way to the cherished dream of becoming a EU member.

In addition, the new law is said to introduce changes to the International Women's Day of March 8. Kiev wants to rename the holiday into the "day of struggle for women's rights." Strangely enough,  changes in the calendar under the slogan of decommunization have not affected the day of May 1. This holiday still remains the Labour Day in Ukraine, an official day off.

A couple of years ago, the Ukrainian president permanently abolished the celebration on February 23rd (The Day of the Defender of the Fatherland). Petro Poroshenko even "asked his wife not to congratulate him on February 23rd" and demanded all other Ukrainian women should not congratulate their men on the Soviet holiday.

Ukraine is gradually turning into a fascist state. Norwegian publication Steigan blogger wrote about a Ukrainian law that bans communism and glorifies fascism in the history of Ukraine. "The adoption of the law to ban Nazism and communism has stated the equality between the most cruel regime of genocide in the history of mankind and the regime that liberated Auschwitz and helped destroy the terrorist rule of the Third Reich," the publication said.


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