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Ukraine unveils super powerful heavy combat drone

Ukraine has amused the Internet with its military "super-hardware." A video of the new Ukrainian drone armed with an anti-tank missile system has generated many comments.

The designers of the drone (Technology Matrix Design Bureau) called their heavy copter the "Commander". The drone is equipped with a combined propulsion system and can stay in the air for about an hour.

The drone is expected to be used as a carrier of guided and unguided missiles and machine gun emplacements. The UAV can also be used for relaying signals, mine lifting and delivering ammo. In the future, Ukrainian engineers believe, the drone will be able to evacuate the wounded and redeploy fighters, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote.

The description of the new Ukrainian weapon does create an impression of a serious combat aircraft. Yet, the description of the drone differs greatly from what people can see in the video.

The new Ukrainian drone is actually a terribly rattling and bulky device that can fly at an altitude of literally 3-5 meters above the ground.

The video of the drone generated sarcastic comments not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine. To describe the combat power of the drone, some assumed that people would just die from laughter when looking at the drone in action. "You can knock it down with a stick," a poster wrote.


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