Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Syria: Terrorists attempt to murder PM

Monday April 29, Damascus. The Syrian terrorists, backed by the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) have perpetrated a failed bomb attack against the Syrian Prime Minister, Wael al-Halaqi. Until what point will the West continue to cavort with murderers, rapists and torturers? Is this an "ethical" foreign policy?

The turn of the century and the threshold of the new millennium showed the true mettle of NATO and its sinister tripartite leadership, the spider at the centre of the web (USA) and its two European henchmen, the sycophantic, kowtowing poodle states, the UK and France, who fall over themselves to receive a pat on the head and a derisory biscuit thrown from the pocket of their transatlantic master.

Years of lies to the Warsaw Pact countries about NATO not expanding eastwards blew up in Moscow's face as it trusted its international interlocutors and practised an ethical foreign policy based upon international law, something Moscow has always stood for. NATO's eastern borders secured, and when it was obvious that amid the social and economic change in the COMECON countries there would be no space for military adventures, the falcons in NATO got to work.

First they dismantled Yugoslavia, then they insolated and insulted the core of the Serbian nation by carving off Kosovo and virtually declaring it an independent state (when Kosovo is, was and always has been a province of the Republic of Serbia and is the birthplace of the Serbian nation). Afghanistan was next because it refused to allow the USA to build a pipeline transporting mineral resources from Central Asia to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan, then they attacked oil-rich Iraq based upon lies, then Libya because Colonel Gaddafy's African policies were sending alarm bells ringing among the lobbies.

And now Syria, as a first step towards pushing Russia further away from the Mediterranean, as a last piece in the puzzle surrounding Iran, which if it follows, will become the final piece in the puzzle creating a vice-like grip around Russia's throat. Then let's guess who is next.

Let there be no doubts as to the real intentions behind the foreign policy of the FUKUS Axis, now with an interested France after it was ostracized, bitch-slapped and re-educated for daring to say "Non" to the Iraq adventure. The lies have been a mainstay of their foreign policy since the 1990s - we have had everything from blatant, barefaced lies about procurement of uranium, about Weapons of Mass Destruction, about atrocities against unarmed civilians (which in all cases turned out to be terrorists), we have seen support for terrorist groups on the FUKUS Axis' own list of proscribed groups, we have seen concentration camps, sodomy of detainees, torture, urination in food, sleep deprivation, water-boarding, forcing Moslems to eat pork, setting dogs on people, beating, crimes against the person, rape, theft, arson and war crimes. And this is an "ethical foreign policy" or a check-list from Hell?

And the cherry on the cake, in the west's abject failure to gain any real advantage inside the latest State it is trying to destabilize by using terrorists - Syria - is its desperate attempt to link the Syrian Government (or Regime as they say) to chemical weapons attacks. Last year they allegedly tried to smuggle chemical weapons into Syria through Turkey but the attempt was outed in this column upon information from Syrian sources about what they were trying to do, and in the event nothing happened. Then in March we had a chemical weapons attack against Syrian Armed Forces and patriotic civilians loyal to their President and defending themselves against this western-backed terrorist filth, a hot potato conveniently dropped by the western media.

And now, we have images of people lying in bed, some with shaving foam around their mouths, others not (curiously different symptoms) after what western sources describe as a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian Government, in Barzeh. But just a moment here. Ten members of the Syrian Armed Forces were hospitalized after a mortar and artillery barrage in the same area, in which the Syrian Armed Forces are making steady military progress.

So the area was one in which there would have been no need to deploy chemical weapons - and to deploy them on a small scale, as it is claimed, would be ludicrous anyway. If you use chemical weapons, you use them on a massive scale as a last resort when you have nothing more to lose, not on a limited scale in an area where you are winning.

So if, and I repeat if, there was a chemical weapons attack, once more it is obvious that it was far more likely to have been perpetrated by the western-backed terrorist filth that is trying to destroy Syrian society.

In conclusion, every western woman should ask herself if she would like for a moment to imagine what Libyan and Syrian ladies have had to face from the terrorists the West is backing and whether they would like to undergo the same horrific gang-rapes and having their breasts sliced off in the street. Every western male should think of his mother and whether he would like her to undergo such treatment. If no, then how about holding your governments accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity, murder, rape, terrorism, theft, arson, torture, crimes against the person and crimes against property, quite apart from breach of international law?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey