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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Terrifying errors committed by politicians and other 'genius of economics'

All politicians and experts in economy ask themselves where unemployment comes from. They are hypocrites because the answer lies on the table:

In the years 1950 to 1980, Europe had to be rebuilt after the destructions in World War II. And then, plenty of new products were invented and developed. Further, the increase in number of consumers and of money market were all sources for increase in employment and in production and services process.

These developments must have come to an end at a given time and this end is here since 1990: All of a sudden, only about 90 percent of the population can find work and only about 50 percent to those decent conditions that existed before 1980, when a man could take care for the whole family and often his wife drove a car, without one hour of outhouse jobs as today is required.

Now, let's start to think what must be changed and where could be the limits for our doings:

Here are the reminders for those who never learnt to think in decent ways:

- It is absolutely impossible to seek employment by permanent growth because all resources and energy stuffs will get priceless in the near future. And the disaster in the environment by poisoning air, water and soil will go on and cannot be corrected by any means, politicians or economic blockheads may think of. We have only ONE Earth!

- We should not try to bring the whole World, especially China and India , on the level of Switzerland or the USA . Within one year, the whole wealth of the Earth would be gone. On the contrary: The USA and Europe have to move - in direction of going back to structures we had before all numbers exploded with the effect of leaving us no changes whatsoever for future generations, because of the blows of clubs, destructing of our platform of living.

- We cannot eat money and stock exchanges. Therefore stop the program of derivatives of a mad nature with all these funds and other instruments that will soon tumble down the drain.

- The chances for the majorities must be to get a living without eternal growth, neo-liberalism of the most stupid Friedman's and Keynes' theories of economics. It is a question of planning anew a future of all human beings on Earth - Africans, Asians, Americans and Europeans.

- To finish, a little bit of World Economics: The immense deficit in trade of the USA (since years around half a trillion dollars) is in fact financed mainly by China, but also by Japan, Russia, South Korea and Europe. They finance with the purchase of US-Treasury Bonds the economic growth at the moment in the USA.  But, but, but: The effect of this apparently little effect on a "sucroît" (surplus balance profit) for the USA is of a nature to make collapse first the United States due to its State bankruptcy, followed by the one of China and other nations. These nations cannot recover their deposits in "valuable" bonds from the USA (being in fact in its free fall right now), nor will anybody else be willing to pay for those "values". The collapse will be total for USA, China, Japan the World's stock exchanges and finally for the old age funds, assurance and re-assurance companies. Quite clear: It is much more complex then mentioned here, but knowing more you could read my oeuvre and learn why all this will happen exactly along the above lines.

Take as an example the US-government of these days. They only cultivate their own views for the state of affairs in our Word - terrorism, problem Israel , economic and ecologic situation and other. They propagate to their folks a one-sighted, one-dimensional view on capitalism, a world of share-capital-values, deregulation, neo-liberalism, privatisation of all ground needs on Earth - in fact all matters that are good for today's profit of the USA - and to the detriment of the rest, particularly the Third World etc. etc."

If we want to guarantee a decent future for our children, we need regional autarky, short distances for production and transports, no odd international market, with sending around over thousands of miles all goods by planes, ships and lorries, destroying environment of the Earth. It is this self-restriction which will allow new liberties and autonomy, an independence required, when facing ever increasing disastrous and chaotic systems at the beginning of the 21st Century."

It is a crime to see how in China land-people work for nothing at all and give their force for a lifetime away, in order to make the richer nations see the chance of cheapness in consuming these products. At the same time, this procedure takes us away many of jobs we had before in the USA and in Europe (see for ex. textile business in Lombardy ), which in fact is one of the major sources of unemployment here.

But the stupid politicians do not dare to tell us the truth, because George W. Bush, Rove, Rice, Rumsfeld and Cheney want to show who is "master of the Universe", in Iraq , Iran and any other place they wish. Simultaneously, Putin in Ex-Soviet Union accepts that the gas and oil be used up in the shortest time possible to the advantage of some Oligarchs with huge Swiss bank deposits - at the same time other folks and all future generations of Russia can starve. What a silly program, what a stupid Chief-of-State, indeed! But we do not find any better men in power, nowhere, because all of them have "learnt" their stupidities at the same Universities. They all, the greedy CEOs, the politicians, the scientists, the economy experts are dreaming their dreams - and at the same time our Earth goes, slowly first, and all of a sudden with fast increasing acceleration, down the drain.

Rene Delavy
Author of "CHAOS", "Macht x Dummheit = Selbstzerstörung" and "10 Maximen zur Weiterexistenz"

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