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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Obama or Romney?

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A diplomat, or a wannabe "I'd really like to be President" type? An intelligent and articulate leader of a country and responsible and likeable partner in the international community, or a bumbling, fumbling non-professional amateur whose grasp of international politics is to claim Syria is Iran's ticket to the sea?

Did he actually say that? Yes, in other words... and he actually said a whole lot more.

Did he actually say that the most dangerous enemy of the United States of America is Russia? Then Mitt Romney is a remnant of the Bush regime, lock, stock and barrel, lined up with the Bush era cronies waiting to spring into action the second the election is finished - you know, the guys who left us all in this almighty mess, the guys who screwed up the economy big-time and left Barack Obama with a massive financial black hole to fill.

Despite inheriting a calamitous situation, and despite the fact that he has had four short years to do anything, Barack Obama has, in fact, achieved a great deal. In Social Security, and again, in spite of the tremendous financial restraints caused by the calamity inherited from the Bush regime, Obama signed legislation reducing the long-term deficit by 25 per cent.

Ending the illegal war in Iraq, as promised, has saved the US taxpayer billions, for before the American worker's hard-earned cash was wasted on murdering children, strafing civilian structures with military hardware, torturing detainees, urinating in their food, raping women, sodomising men, all of this the weird and wonderful political epitaph of the Republican Bush regime, the party which Romney represents, the party whose Bush-era cronies are all waiting to step into office. Why, rumour has it that McCain wants the State Department. And what about Romney's pledge to add 100 billion dollars to the Pentagon budget?

Anyone want World War Three? Or...

Or four more years, giving Barack Obama the time to continue his reforms and do what he pledged to do. He never promised to do it all in four years - everyone knows, especially with the situation he inherited from Romney's party, that such would be impossible - but for sure a second term will see all Americans benefit and will see America accepted further into the international fold, after eight years of Romney's party making the country synonymous with torture, rape, murder and sodomy.

Acceptable as that may be in the USA, elsewhere, it is purely Satanical. So how any Christian could vote Republican and keep a straight face, defies logic. Those people, as we saw in the Bush era, are evil.

In short, Romney represents the 1980s, Bush-style out-of-touch, do-all-to-please-the-cronies, look-after-the-elite, to-hell-with-the-people style of politics. Barack Obama, on the other hand, represents a new approach for the twenty-first century. We have seen four short years of what he does, confronted with Republican-era nightmares, and we like what we see.

Four more years towards a prosperous America and the American people in the heart of the international community!

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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