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Open Letter to the People of the Russian Federation

From all of us at the Portuguese version of PRAVDA.Ru
We address ourselves to the people of the Russian Federation in general and to the people of Beslan, in particular. Now that the cameras have gone away and left you to the dignity which you deserve, I thought it was important for you to know how much solidarity has been expressed in the outside world.

The intrusion of the Press, the cameras, the questions "How do you feel" must be frustrating to deal with, especially at a moment such as this. That is why I just wanted to write a few lines telling you how much love, how much support has been sent to us at the editing office in Lisbon, Portugal, of the Portugese version of PRAVDA.Ru.

Here at the Portuguese version, we have a large team of journalists spread out around four continents: Europe (Portugal); Africa (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe Isles), South America
(Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina) and Asia (East Timor).

We have been flooded with messages of solidarity, pleading with us to please let you know how sorry the readers are to hear of this unspeakable tragedy by these unclassifiable creatures, who have taken away the hearts and souls of so many families.

As one Angolan reader said, tears taste of salt, wherever they may fall and I am sure that I can speak not just for the Portuguese-speaking countries, in saying how much people felt your grief, how much people want to share it with you, so that in some way by sharing their suffering they can help you to suffer a little less.

It is not possible, I know and nobody can bring back those who you have lost. However, one thing is clear: the incident at Beslan which put your city on the map of the collective conscience of the world for the wrong reasons has brought millions of people together in a united stand of Good against Evil, common values professed and proclaimed from the four corners of the earth in solidarity with you.

The losses of your loved ones will remain forever in the collective memory of these countless millions of people who wish me to say how much they love you and pray for you. Let September 3rd be a mark in the collective memory of mankind when we remember the loss of these innocent lives and the horror to which they were subjected. Let their memory speak loudly and forever in the name of Good against Evil.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
Portuguese Version