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Governor Sarah Palin: a different image

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Governor Sarah Palin: a different image

By Mark S. McGrew

Why all the mis-statements and vicious lies about Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin? Why do the major newscasters show polls looking like McCain/Palin are neck and neck with Obama/Biden? Major newscasters use polls based on 700 people polled, or 1,000 people polled and in one case, less than 200 people were polled. There is no way such a small list can reflect a public opinion. I think it is fraudulent to suggest that it can.

The day after the Palin-Biden debate, major network polls were showing again, a neck and neck rating, from small polls. But,, with millions of readers ran a poll that over 550,000 readers responded to. The results, in the morning, when only 60,000 people had voted, showed Palin at 70% against Biden’s 28%. That same figure stayed the same all day long, until over 550,000 people had voted: Palin 70% vs Biden 28%.

That figure seems a more accurate portrayal of informed people. Especially when you compare it with Governor Palin’s 84% approval rating in her home State.

Why is Governor Palin so popular? It’s not her “home style” image. It’s not her looks or her winning personality or her old beauty pageants.

It is solely due to the fact that she respects and obeys her State Constitution and she respects and obeys the US Constitution. She respects and obeys the majority will of the citizens of Alaska and does what they want, not what powerful politicians or businesspeople want.

Exxon has owned some oil leases on Alaska’s North Slope for over 30 years, without developing them. Oil leases are good for 10 years and they expire, unless oil or gas is produced, and then the leases are valid as long as the production continues. Exxon has not produced any oil or gas from those leases in the entire 30 years they have controlled them. Year after year, they have filed a plan to drill and produce, but never followed through.

The State of Alaska, under Governor Palin, decided enough was enough and cancelled Exxon’s rights to those leases this past spring. Exxon was using that land as a giant storage vault for oil that they knew to be there. Their inactivity deprived Alaska of income. Which in turn, deprived the citizens of Alaska of income and services. Exxon was not doing any favors for the citizens of Alaska by simply filing development plans for 30 years, so Alaska kicked them out.

The right to bid on and control oil and gas leases in Alaska is open to any person who is eighteen years old or older. Alaska’s Constitution specifies that the policy of the State of Alaska is to “encourage the development of its resources by making them available for maximum use”.

Allowing Exxon to control those leases, without exploiting them, was in violation of the Alaskan Constitution. Exxon is still fighting in the courts to get those leases back and just may succeed.

A few years ago, after a State of the Union speech by President William J. Clinton, a man and a lady politician gave a summation after the address. The lady said, on national television, “We are not going to do things the Constitutional way anymore. We’re going to do things the practical way.” Amazingly, very few people watching “heard” what she said. It was just too bizarre to comprehend.

Television, radio talk shows, movies, newspapers, news reporters, our police, courts, teachers, professors and politicians have gone to great lengths to make the American public believe that Constitutional Rights are “just something you see on television”. I think quite a few of the “authorities” actually believe that.

Sarah Palin respects and obeys the Constitutions of both Alaska and The United States of America. This is why she is so vilified by the media liars and anti-American politicians.

When she was the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, she attended a meeting along with a few Republican party members of Alaska. After she spoke, one of the men, Richard Wagner, told a good friend, “She should run for Governor.” His friend kind of rejected the idea as she was

“only a small town Mayor”. But, he saw more of her and the more he saw, the more he liked. In time, they did launch her candidacy for Governor and she won. She won because of her staunch position to let the citizens of her State decide what the State should or should not do. Alaska was no longer under 100% control of the major oil companies and other corporations. The State had been retuned to the citizens who live there. What kind of a person would hate the people who did that?

Richard Wagner and his friends are some of the very few individuals, out of thousands, who have bid on oil and gas leases and actually made a decent return. They knew first hand, with 40 years experience, just how difficult it was to buck the major oil companies. Forty years of trying, taught them just how difficult it was to deal with the State of Alaska officials and employees, many of whom were major oil company loyalists and ex-employees of oil companies. They were working overtime to stifle competition from private citizens, who were legally trying to get a fair share of the incredible oil wealth of Alaska. They fought long and hard to deprive Alaskan citizens of the right to provide a decent life for their families.

Sarah Palin entered and changed the attitude and policies of her employees to give the little guys a chance. That is only one small reason why 84% of Alaskans respect her. And it is also the reason why 16% do not. In their minds, she robbed the rich to give to the poor. But she,

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